Am I required to be home when cleaners come to clean my home? 
No, you are not required to be home when cleaners come to clean your house. However, cleaners will need access to get into the house if you are not there. We will accommodate your preference on providing us access to enter the home. 

Can I get the same cleaners every time? 
Yes, we normally send the same cleaners every time. However, there are unexpected circumstances that occur where we have to send out a different cleaner in these uncontrolled situations. But in normal situations, you will get the same cleaners every time. 

Do we need to lock up our pets when cleaners come? 
As long as your pets are people friendly then it is okay for you to leave them out. However, we want to ensure the safety of our employees, so if you are unsure how your pets will respond to the cleaners, please go with your best judgment. 
What if I forget about my cleaning day?
All cleanings are set up on an appointment basis. We require our customers to give us a 24 hours cancellation notice. There is a $35 charge if appointment is not canceled 24 hours prior to appointment time for your house cleaning.  

Am I allowed to add cleaning responsibilities to cleaners after initial agreement? 
Any cleaning additions need to be communicated with the customer service representative who provided you with the original price quote. In addition, our cleaning appointments are set by the timeframe of initial cleaning requirements. Therefore, additional responsibilities can cause our cleaners to be late for the next scheduled appointment. It is best to determine if you want a general clean or an xtreme clean when you make your initial appointment so the cleaning timeframes can be set to accommodate your cleaning request.

What if something comes up missing from my home? 
We have never encountered any problems with theft since we have been in business. However, our company is licensed and bonded to cover these type of issues. 

What if something gets broken while cleaners are cleaning? 
Unfortunately, accidents can happen.  Xtreme Clean Inc. is a licensed and insured company.  Therefore, we will cover any broken items caused by our cleaners. 

What are the acceptable payment methods? 
You may pay by check, cash, credit card or money order. 

Do you give discounts for referrals? 
Yes, we do give a one-time 15% discount for each person you refer if the person actually uses our service. Be sure to let us know who you referred so we can give you credit.

Do you provide service outside the Memphis area? 
Yes, we service Mississippi and Arkansas areas as well. It depends on the distance and the type of service request. Feel free to contact us to discuss further.